Since 1998 (and long before) our focus has been to grow our business where the right opportunities present themselves. We are very picky about the markets

we operate in and the facility we put our name on. 

There's a reason your experience at Larkin's is a cut above the rest - it's our people!


It starts with our detailed selection and assessment process.

                   Then, our extensive training ensures that at every touch point, our knowledgeable staff of trained professionals delivers

the service, food, and EXPERIENCE that keeps our guests coming back and reccommending us to their friends.


We firmly believe the TEAM with the best players wins but at Larkin's, our GUESTS are the real winner. Whether you're dining in our restaurants

or attending an amazing Larkin's catered event, our goal is to ensure that we exceed your expectations.


                                                                                                          That's what Larkin's is all about, and our people live it everyday.

We Think Differently About Service

At all Larkin's Restaurants we believe that the guests experience is what makes us a success.  Great food, creative cocktails, award winning wine lists are an important part of the final product, but in the end what our guests think about us is what makes us different.


Our associates are trained to engage with the guests on an individual basis.  We strive to find out what it is our guests are really looking for, and deliver that and more.


We believe in sincere hospitality, serving guests because we want to make people happy.  After all, happiness is what our business is all about.


Read this blog to find out what we consider success

We Think Differently About Food

At all of our restaurants we believe food is not to be underestimated.


Our food is crafted from the finest ingredients we can source. Our chefs respect food as much as they respect life, love, family and the world.  Their passion to make the best dishes is only surpassed from their drive to exceed our guests satisfaction.


When designing our Sophisticated Burger Joint (Grill Marks), we sourced more blends and grinds of beef than we want to admit, until we came up with just the right blend of cuts, and sourced a butcher shop that would chop the meat instead of running it through a meat grinder.  This gives our beef the best texture, flavor and mouth feel we believe is possible

We Think Differently About Fun

We believe that fun is the final factor in the restaurant industry.  If our guests, our associates, our management and everyone else we touch doesn't enjoy the experience they have with us, then we are not doing our job!


This "Fun Factor" is one of the secrets to our success!  in 2006 Larkin's on the River started Larkin's Catering & Events.  Our catering company delivers the same fun that we serve in all of our locations to guests in our catering venues or at locations of their choice.


While we can't dance in our dining rooms, we entertain our guests in a way that makes them smile.  Creating an atmosphere where happiness is contagious.  When we bring it to your table, you'll be sure to smile with us.


We Think Differently About Community

Our community involvement has and continues to foster lifelong partnerships with our local area schools, businesses and charities. 


All of our restaurants - management and staff - are involved with various community partners and charities and include but are not limited to Make-A-Wish, Mill Village Farms, Lake Lure Classical Academy, Loaves & Fishes, Habitat for Humanity, The Meyer Center, and Polk County Schools. Each location is also involved with their local Chamber of Commerce and other guilds.